What happens when you reach Practical Completion?

We always strictly follow each Contract we enter into with all of our clients. We’ll give you a Certificate of Practical Completion, showing the building works is ready for the Final inspection. We then both inspect the building works and once satisfied, we exchange with final payment and keys.

What is the maintenance period you offer?

We offer a healthy 65 days as per our Contract. This period commences on the Practical Completion date. During this time you may point out items that may need attention from us.

How long will it take to complete my extension and renovations?

Depending on your design, will determine the expected construction period of your project. Of course, there are unforeseen circumstances such as extra work in the form of a variation directed by the client, inclement weather, or lack of trade and material availabilities which could alter the timing of the job. Also, the complexity of the project will play with the construction timeframe. Extensions and renovations will typically take 4 to 6 months to complete.

What happens when I want to change something in the design of the house?

No problems, we are here to please. We will raise a Variation to the Contract and this will show what you are getting and the price we would charge for it usually labour and materials. Not all variations increase the Contract amount, some decrease it. Sometimes the variation will be ‘NIL cost’.

Is it possible to make any structural changes to the house during construction?

Yes, but these may need Planning and Building Approval. Usually, once these are approved in the form of a Variation, and the needed approvals, the building works can continue. We can however collate all structural changes and have them approved in one hit towards the end of the project prior to a final inspection.

Can I choose my own colours etc?

Absolutely yes! You may choose your own paint colours as well as all other Provisional Cost items. We are custom Canberra Home Builders. You can choose anything under our guidance and approval.

Do I have to use your inclusions for my house?

Not if you don’t want to. As we build your home, you’re the boss in choosing the right inclusions for you. All we need to know is what you are choosing, with notice, so we can incorporate them into the design. We will guide you through each choice and ask you in advance when we need something.

Will trades interrupt our family life while working on the job?

With extensions, there will always be noise, dust, dirt, and trades walking through the required areas of your home. We will strongly reduce the effects of these factors whilst we construct.

Removal of asbestos sheeting in the wet areas or eaves linings will disrupt you for a day or two whilst removal and clearance is done.

What are your hours and days of work?

We work from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday to Saturday. We may sometimes start later in the morning because we don’t want to affect your personal lives. Getting children ready for school isn’t easy. We don’t work on Sundays. If we work outside of these hours, we’ll ask and confirm with you first.

Will you provide a schedule of what we can expect of you week by week?

Yes, we will hand out a project schedule at the beginning and when needed during the project, to update you on progress. We will also communicate via phone or email on progress on a regular basis.

What could possibly hold up the job during construction?

Unforeseen circumstances such as the weather, trade and material availability, hold up’s by local authorities, and variations to the Contract, may all drag the job out a little longer than expected. Some of these factors may affect your job and are dealt with by us as they arise.

What do you mean when you say ‘unforeseen circumstances’?

Anything we don’t expect to pop up. Hidden items which may surprise us. Extensions and Renovations can sometimes be a can of worms.

Can I stay living in our house while you build?

Yes, you can. Depending on what we are working on in your home. Usually, if your Kitchen, Bathroom, Ensuite, Laundry, heating and cooling systems are affected during construction, it’s usually easier and much less disruptive to you if you move out until the job reaches completion or a stage when your home is liveable. Any excess furniture and personal items in the home that are in the way of building works will need to be relocated off-site into storage.

Will my house and yard be kept clean and tidy during construction?

We will do our utmost best to keep your home clean during all construction work on site. Of course, there will be dust and rubbish throughout the construction phase and we enforce stockpiling of building rubbish and regular site clean-ups inside and out.

Will the house during construction be inspected by a third party?

Yes, by an independent Private Building Certifier or the Local Government Authority. The inspection stages are Footings, Floor, Pre-sheeting walls and roof, Waterproofing, Stormwater system and the Final inspection. The electrician and plumber will also be inspected individually.

Will the budget change?

No. But if you make changes to the contract, yes. The price may increase or decrease, depending on the timing of what you need to be done.

Are there any hidden costs that might arise?

Sometimes we may hit a rock when excavating, unforeseen conditions in existing walls such as electrical, plumbing or asbestos sheeting. These may or may not affect the price of our Contract. It all depends on how the Contract is set up between us.

Do you charge for a quotation and on-site visit?

No, they are absolutely free. Our quotes will outline what exactly you’ll receive from us and will be a fixed price figure (excluding any future variations).

What should I have available with me when you first meet us?

Well detailed plans, if not, readable sketch plans and a general understanding of what you want in your home. A general budget that’s acceptable to you that we together can work towards would also help.

How often will you be in contact with us regarding the progress of our home?

At the start, we will form an agreement with discussions, finding out how often and by which way we will contact you. You will receive a project schedule at the start and when needed during the construction phase.

What do you need of me before I sign your Contract?

Written confirmation of finance from your lending institution;

Written proof that any loan has been approved by your lending authority;

Details of any easements, covenants, encumbrances and caveats affecting the land;

A current rates notice or certificate of title showing owner’s name/s and property address for that property;

A required deposit in the form of a cheque or direct deposit as per our Contract;

DA/BA approved ‘For Construction’ plans;

A third party person to witness our signatures at the time of exchange;

A guarantor.

How long will it take to have the architect draw up my plans and what does he/she need from me to start drawing?

Depends upon your design and how prepared you are. Usually about 4 – 8 weeks. They need your sketch designs, a good idea of what you want in your extension, and your existing house and site plans.

How long will it take to have my design approved by the government and private building certifier?

Firstly, there will be the Planning Approval and secondly the Building Approval. (Some projects may be DA Exempt), Once these have been completed we will be allowed to commence building works. The length of time depends upon the design and what you want to be approved. Generally speaking, two months with ACTPLA (if needed), and three weeks with the Private Building Certifier.

How long will it take to start construction on my home?

Once the Contracts have been signed and all approvals have been met, we will agree on a start date and commence construction.

Have you built a home similar to what I want in my home?

We have built and worked on many custom Canberra-designed homes, so we guarantee that we have worked on something very similar to what you want in your home.

How do you employ your trades?

We set out a structured framework and employ tradespeople that will work within that framework. We do not USE tradespeople.

What are your credentials?

A strong reputation in the local Canberra building industry for custom-built extensions and renovations. We are a proud member of the Australian Housing Industry Association. Possess an ‘A’ Class Builders license in the Australian Capital Territory and a ‘C’ Class Builders license in New South Wales. We have also accredited GreenSmart Builders (one of the first in Australia to become a GreenSmart professional). We are a proud HIA 2016 finalist in the Renovation/Addition ($500,001 to $650,000) category.

What makes you different from any other Canberra Home builder?

We provide transparency and choice with optional extras on each project. We strive for a strong customer and builder relationship. Within our company we have a solid nucleus, giving you a stable building company to work with. We are here for the distant future, “Building Tomorrow’s Heritage”.

Do you have all the needed insurance?

 Yes, definitely. We hold Public Liability Insurance, Construction Works Insurance covering the structure, fire and water damage etc, Workers’ Compensation Insurance for all our employees, and we have access to Home Owners Warranty Insurance for your protection.

How many jobs do you work on at any one time?

Working on an exclusive number of homes at any one time will maintain high quality on every one of our projects. The more attention we give to your custom home the better for you.