Mission Statement:

To provide an unrivalled customer experience by building on a foundation of craftsmanship, professionalism and performance; to deliver exceptional value by diagnosing what every client is needing and implementing these into their home, precision and flexibility for every client through quality products, specialised expertise, and devoted service.

Our Vision:


To lead amongst competitors in our industry with consistently improving, high quality building solutions; to ensure a safe workplace for everyone; and to maintain the positive workplace culture that has defined our company over time in a community in which we support.

Our Values:

People – We grant total respect and pride to our employees and sub-contractors within a safe workplace.
Process – We endeavour to gain the most efficient and economical systems on site and our documents.
Products – We offer the highest quality materials and products from local manufacturers and suppliers.
Performance – We reward and promote our successful employees and sub-contractors who shoot above expectations.


High quality workmanship that is environmentally sensitive and energy efficient;
A family run and owned local business which is smart enough to genuinely look after each client;
Exceptional customer service and attention to detail;
Employing the builder who are also qualified and experienced carpenters;
Incomparable building experience in the Canberra region;
Exciting building action from start to finish;
Effective cross communication throughout the entire designing, construction and post-construction phases of your project;
Our reputation for integrity, reliability and promptness.

Your input is important to us. Please provide your valuable feedback. Here are some testimonials from our clients: