We’re now several months into the brand new era of family life that began when we moved into the extended home that Steve and his team built for us. As each season comes around, we are finding new things to enjoy and appreciate. We live, work and interact differently as a result of being in this space and the impact has been amazingly positive.

The house truly is beautiful, and it’s satisfying to know that it’s not just cosmetic. We chose to move out during the construction phase as it was such a big project, but Steve gave us plenty of opportunities to engage in and observe the process. We know from all the careful work and material selection that went into it that this building is made to last, with the kind of attention to detail that makes you want to keep looking closer.

Not only is the result fantastic, but the process was actually fun. We expected to find it stressful as many people do. As it turned out, Steve’s highly professional approach made us feel relaxed and secure throughout. He was unfailingly calm, considerate and collaborative and, when the need arose, a great creative problem-solver as well. His team were always pleasant to deal with and they got on well with each other, so the atmosphere on site was busy but friendly. For us as parents, knowing that the building would be a major event the kids would remember for a long time, we are grateful that the experience was so easy and enjoyable.

To Steve and the whole team at Laggner Constructions, thank you so much for your excellent work! Our family is looking forward to growing together in our wonderful new home and you will go down in family history as the best builders ever.