The Importance of Time, Cost and Quality

Adjusting the cost of the project, quality of workmanship and materials chosen, and the timeframe to implement these can be a real juggling act for the home Canberra builder. Every home building project will encounter this issue. It all sounds so easy but truly, it isn’t.

The home owner wants their home renovation costing as little as possible, built to high standard and completed last week. It’s extremely difficult to achieve all three at once. Really, this is true. Usually one must give. Focusing on two is more achievable. For example, to build a home the most cost effective way, the project manager requires more time to search and gather quotes; to seek the lowest price. Spending more time on pricing allows a greater emphasis on quality. Laggner Constructions build to this method.


Furthermore, if we construct too quick, and less time is spent on the finer details with a ‘bang it up’ attitude, the home owner will receive a sub-standard home. It’s not what a home builder or project manager wants. And does the home owner want this? Of course not.

When Laggner Constructions starts a new home extension project as a custom home builder, we conduct a pre-start interview. This contains a series of questions and one of the questions is finding out what our new client finds most important to them. Is it the Time factor, Quality of materials and workmanship or the budgetary Cost? Every client is different. Due to this, we customise to every client. The Canberra builder and client must start a new project on the same page, so knowing this one little answer amongst others is vital to helping a project run as smooth as possible and becoming successful.

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