What a Canberra builder does

A builder is like a project manager who hires and oversees trades people and makes sure that the construction project is completed according to the plans, budget and time.

A builder is…

….. often a trades person that also hires other tradies to help with the build. Most builders start off as a tradie (such as a carpenter) and some only trained in a school setting to be a builder. It’s better for you to employ a Canberra builder who has a trade background as they have a better feel of the local industry and ground roots experience on how the building clicks together.

Engaging a Canberra builder

The most important consideration when hiring a builder is ensuring that your builder is qualified. Your builder must prove that they can receive the needed insurances. Always ask for proof at the beginning before you sign a contract.

Does your builder have experience in being the builder for projects that are similar in type, size and complexity to the one that you are offering? If you want a custom home builder you need to look for a builder that has experience building just custom homes and not project homes. Otherwise you will have issues.

Check on your preferred builder before you sign a contract

  • Differences between Canberra builders can be large in terms of both the quality of their work and their quoted price. What value do they bring to the table? Not the cheapest quote is the best, they most likely have forgotten an item or two and will seek expensive variations to recoup money while they build and you’ll end up paying a lot more. Ask yourself, why are they the cheapest?
  • Check their builder’s license and make sure that it is current, no restrictions and they are able to construct according to what you’re after.
  • Make sure they have the proper insurances in place such as workers compensation, public liability, constructions works, and home owners warranty.
  • Ask them for references in writing and a phone number or two so you can talk to their previous clients. Previous work is the best proof of their ability and workmanship.
  • Make sure that they belong to a reputable trade association such as the Housing Industry Association.
  • Get unbiased referrals from family and friends that you trust. What they consider as a good quality and reasonably priced builder is probably based on their experience or what they have heard on the grape vine about builders in the area.
  • Google building forums and chat spaces on the internet for recommendations on the good builders in your local area.
  • Ensure the contract is written in plain English.

When you have completely satisfied your background checks on your preferred builder, is when you should sign a construction contract with them. Laggner Constructions continues on Building Tomorrow’s Heritage.

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